• Shopping for Fangs
    Movie + 1 extra

    Shopping for Fangs

    Movie + 1 extra

    "Newly restored, SHOPPING FOR FANGS crisscrosses over a Los Angeles inhabited by a flirtatious waitress in a blonde wig, a woman who receives mysterious but alluring phone calls, and a man who thinks he’s turning into a werewolf. In this sparkling new edition, an astronomical improvement over the...

  • Comedy InvAsian Takeouts

    1 season

    Four unique Asian American comedians (D'Lo, Edwin Li, Eli Nicolas and Cate Gary) each do a short set of standup comedy.

  • The People I've Slept With

    Movie + 1 extra

    'The People I've Slept With stars Karin Anna Cheung, Wilson Cruz, James Shigeta, Archie Kao, Lynn Chen.

    "A slut is just a woman with the morals of a man," says Angela's best friend, Gabriel.

    But there's one thing a man can't get, and that's pregnant. Quentin Lee's bright, winning romantic comed...

  • Comedy InvAsian

    2 seasons

    Created by Koji Steven Sakai and (also directed by) Quentin Lee, Comedy InvAsian features the nation's top and unique AAPI comedians each performing a half hour special. It's the first API North American series of its kind.

  • Comisery
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    "Comisery" is the first feature film produced and released during the 2020 COVID lock down. “Comisery” is co-directed and co-written by two proverbial mad geniuses. One is out gay Asian director Quentin Lee (“White Frog,” “Shopping For Fangs”). The other is writer Adisakdi Tantimedh, author of th...

  • Boy Luck Club

    1 season

    Created by filmmaker Quentin Lee and comedian Kit DeZolt, Boy Luck Club centers on six gaysian best friends who get together every Friday night for cocktails on web chat to support each other through the new quarantine life. Totally unscripted, each episode is an entirely no holds barred improvis...

  • Yes, And...


    Thirty-five year old JUJU DING has been living in Los Angeles for the past ten years as one of thousands of aspiring actor-writer-directors at the bottom of the Hollywood ladder. His life is ordered and comfortable – but empty. All of this changes when he meets PENELOPE SONG, a spunky thirty-thre...

  • Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks


    Alex Chu's first short film "Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks" is a hilarious send-up of genres from musical to horror. Don't let this midnight treat slip by! A traditional Chinese father struggles to cope with his son's homosexuality and meets zombies!

  • The Crumbles


    Darla and Elisa, two best friends, struggle to catapult their talented but directionless garage band to stardom. Called "elegant and affectionate" by the LA Times, this lighthearted romp across the Eastside of Los Angeles offers a funny and realistic portrait of what it's like to be in a fledglin...

  • Sophie in Hollywood

    1 season

    Created by Noreen Lee and Kazu Kusano, "Sophie in Hollywood" is a comedic web series about Sophie, a 40+ Chinese American woman, restarting her life and acting career in Los Angeles. Starring Noreen Lee, Lee Chan, Jacob Chattman and Kimberli Wong.

  • Two Films by Milton Liu

    1 season is proud to present two films by Milton Liu. "John Hughes Ruined My Life" is originally a web series stitched together into a short film about a single woman raised on a steady diet of John Hughes' movies finding "Some Kind of Terrible." "I Hate Big Phony" is a documentary on the popular b...

  • Comedy Invasion

    1 season

    Each episode of this first TV series of its kind, Comedy Invasion, will feature a half hour set from a breakout Canadian comic who is either from the disabled, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and/or female community.

    "Comedy Invasion: Rez Style" (EP102) has been nominated for Best Comedy Special at Canadian Scr...

  • Last Summer of Nathan Lee (2023)

    18-year-old Nathan Lee finds out he has brain cancer and asks his best friend Dash to document his remaining life which he vows to live with passion.