Short Film

  • Kit DeZolt Story


    World premiering on May 1, 2024, celebrating API Heritage Month, "Kit DeZolt Story" tells the true story of a young adoptee from Hong Kong becoming a dancer and artist in America.

    Starring Kit DeZolt, Todd Lien
    Cinematography by Irvin Y. Liu
    Written, directed, edited and produced by Quentin Lee

  • The Myth


    The Myth" is a socially impactful short film about an AAPI girl Ruth overcoming the model minority myth to find her own identity.

  • AAMV Fest
    5 seasons

    AAMV Fest

    5 seasons

    AAMV Fest is the first Asian American music video series to be released bi-monthly, free to stream for the world on Each season of AAMV Fest will feature 8 music videos by up-and-coming Asian American artists with an introduction by Simon Tam, founder of The Slants and Th...

  • Searching for Anna May Wong

    Movie + 1 extra

    PREMIERING NOVEMBER 20: With the help of popular movie stars, this documentary tells the coming-of-age story of a young Asian-American actress navigating the convoluted and narrow paths of Hollywood.

    Directed by Denise Chan, Z. Eric Yang. Produced by Quentin Lee. With Sandra Oh, James Hong, Tzi...

  • Comedy InvAsian Takeouts

    1 season

    Four unique Asian American comedians (D'Lo, Edwin Li, Eli Nicolas and Cate Gary) each do a short set of standup comedy.

  • Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks


    Alex Chu's first short film "Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks" is a hilarious send-up of genres from musical to horror. Don't let this midnight treat slip by! A traditional Chinese father struggles to cope with his son's homosexuality and meets zombies!

  • The Slants Collection

    1 season

    The Slants Collection is the ultimate collection of music videos and films by The Slants, the iconic Asian American dance rock band founded by Simon Tam in 2006.

  • Racial Facial


    Directed by Jeff Adachi, "Racial Facial" is a short, 8 minute film about race in America. It provides a blur of fascinating images and video – historical and contemporary – depicting both the division and blending that has characterized the history and treatment of people of color in this country...

  • Operation Marriage


    Based on Cynthia Chin-Lee's picture book,"Operation Marriage" tells the true story of an eight-year-old girl and her little brother trying to get their gay moms married before Prop 8's passing. This historical short film is directed by Quentin Lee and stars Mindy Cohn and Tamlyn Tomita as two mot...

  • Today Has Been Weird


    Produced as a commissioned short for the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, “Today Has Been Weird” tells the unexpected day of a young blogger. “Weird” is based on the real murder of Sek Man Ng, a young immigrant who shall be remembered. Directed by Quentin Lee and starring Harrison Xu.

  • Filmhustler

    1 season

    From Hawaii to Taiwan, Filmhustler is a breezy limited series documenting director Quentin Lee on the festival circuit of The People I've Slept.

  • A Chinese Class


    Directed by Quentin Lee, "A Chinese Class" documents an eccentric filmmaker learning Chinese with diverse classmates, some as eccentric as himself, at Los Angeles City College.

  • Snake Eaters


    "Jericho Li, an MA Communications student at Baptist University, escorts us through Hong Kong’s Sham Shui Po in this cellphone video shot with the assistance of veteran filmmaker Quentin Lee. What would have been Jericho Li’s group video assignment in Multi-Media Journalism has become a document ...

  • A Woman Named Canyon Sam


    "A Woman Named Canyon Sam" is a 12 min. portrait documentary on San Francisco based performance artist, author and activist Canyon Sam. The short documentary film won the Panasonic Filmmaker Award / Best Documentary Short at the Asian Film Festival of Dallas in 2011.

  • Flying Solo


    Documentary about airline pilot Julie Wang, who became the first Asian woman to fly solo around the world in 2016. Directed by Ed Moy, an award-winning journalist. He was recipient of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's National Print Media Award in 2000 for his series of articles about their Team ...

  • Two by Nick Neon

    1 season

    Celebrating Pride month 2021, queer Asian director Nick Neon will stream worldwide his two queer shorts, "Ultra Bleu" and "Zero One" from the Jimmy Park series.

  • Little Love


    A gay tale as if directed by Douglas Sirk, "Little Love" explores what happens to a close group of friends when the boundaries of friendship and sexual desire get blurred. Little Love explores what happens to a close group of friends when the boundaries of friendship and sexual desire get blurred.

  • Sophie in Hollywood

    1 season

    Created by Noreen Lee and Kazu Kusano, "Sophie in Hollywood" is a comedic web series about Sophie, a 40+ Chinese American woman, restarting her life and acting career in Los Angeles. Starring Noreen Lee, Lee Chan, Jacob Chattman and Kimberli Wong.

  • Two Films by Milton Liu

    1 season is proud to present two films by Milton Liu. "John Hughes Ruined My Life" is originally a web series stitched together into a short film about a single woman raised on a steady diet of John Hughes' movies finding "Some Kind of Terrible." "I Hate Big Phony" is a documentary on the popular b...

  • A Sunburnt Summer


    An immigrant from China somewhere in California, a mother deals with her teenage son being raped by her boss' son. Director Zicheng Li's cinematic film debut is brilliantly colored by newcomer Grace Chang's fine performance.

  • Karma's Meth Nightmare


    In Hong Kong, a second generation Napalese teenager experiences his first and last meth nightmare. Directed by Donna Ong.

    Reminding me the early brilliance of Wong Kar Wai, Donna Ong’s fresh cinematic debut “Karma’s Meth Nightmare” is an imaginative experimental short dramatic film about a Nepal...

  • Aka Deadlee


    "Aka Deadlee" is a musical documentary short film telling the untold story of Joseph Thomas Lee, aka Deeadlee, half LatinXo and half African American, who is one of the first gay rappers and still struggles to be heard. Directed by queer Chinese filmmakers Yuchen Fang and Quentin Lee.

    Winner of ...

  • Last Summer of Nathan Lee | Canadian Premiere Diary Part II

    The actor, producer and director attend 10/13/23 Canadian Premiere of Last Summer of Nathan Lee.

  • Last Summer of Nathan Lee | Canadian Premiere Diary Part I

    The actor, producer and director attend 10/13/23 Canadian Premiere of Last Summer of Nathan Lee.