Romantic Comedy

  • The People I've Slept With

    Movie + 1 extra

    'The People I've Slept With stars Karin Anna Cheung, Wilson Cruz, James Shigeta, Archie Kao, Lynn Chen.

    "A slut is just a woman with the morals of a man," says Angela's best friend, Gabriel.

    But there's one thing a man can't get, and that's pregnant. Quentin Lee's bright, winning romantic comed...

  • Yes, And...


    Thirty-five year old JUJU DING has been living in Los Angeles for the past ten years as one of thousands of aspiring actor-writer-directors at the bottom of the Hollywood ladder. His life is ordered and comfortable – but empty. All of this changes when he meets PENELOPE SONG, a spunky thirty-thre...

  • Sophie in Hollywood

    1 season

    Created by Noreen Lee and Kazu Kusano, "Sophie in Hollywood" is a comedic web series about Sophie, a 40+ Chinese American woman, restarting her life and acting career in Los Angeles. Starring Noreen Lee, Lee Chan, Jacob Chattman and Kimberli Wong.

  • Two Films by Milton Liu

    1 season is proud to present two films by Milton Liu. "John Hughes Ruined My Life" is originally a web series stitched together into a short film about a single woman raised on a steady diet of John Hughes' movies finding "Some Kind of Terrible." "I Hate Big Phony" is a documentary on the popular b...

  • Last Summer of Nathan Lee (2023)

    18-year-old Nathan Lee finds out he has brain cancer and asks his best friend Dash to document his remaining life which he vows to live with passion.