The Haunted Bay

The Haunted Bay

3 Seasons

Do ghosts really exist? Based in the Bay Area, the Haunted Bay paranormal investigative team, led by Producer Ying Liu, searches to answer this question by exploring local ghost stories and legends, filming paranormal investigations and interviewing experts in the paranormal world.

The Haunted Bay
  • "Ghost Legends USS Hornet" (The Haunted Bay Episode 101)

    Episode 1

    The Haunted Bay explores the famous ghost legends of San Francisco and then follows the Alameda Paranormal Researchers as they investigate the most haunted ship in America and the oldest gay bar in the US.

  • "Preston Castle" (The Haunted Bay Episode 102)

    Ying, the Haunted Bay producer, goes alone to film the investigation of one of the most haunted places in Gold Country, the infamous Preston Castle, where inmates and employees have been killed.

  • "The Condor Club" (The Haunted Bay Episode 103)

    The oldest strip club in the world and the site of San Francisco's most bizarre death, the Condor Club is also full of ghosts. Psychic medium June Ahern and the Alameda Paranormal Researchers contact the spirits of this famous club.

  • "Interview with a Medium" (The Haunted Bay Episode 104)

    Psychic medium tells us how she started to see the dead and her experiences with vampire energies.

  • "Walk with a Medium Part 1" (The Haunted Bay Episode 105)

    The Haunted Bay takes psychic medium June Ahern through the former Barbary Coast area of San Francisco to see if any ghosts still linger there. She discovers haunted streets, buildings and forgotten history.

  • "Walk with a Medium Part 2" (The Haunted Bay Episode 106)

    Psychic medium June Ahern, continues her journey through the haunted streets of San Francisco's oldest neighborhood, formerly known as the Barbary Coast district, as the ghosts tell her of the good and evil that happened there in the past.

  • "Murder in the Brothel" (The Haunted Bay Episode 107)

    Kidnappings, drugs, murder. We follow paranormal investigators into a former brothel in the dangerous Barbary Coast area of San Francisco.

  • "Defenestration" (The Haunted Bay Episode 108)

    Ghosts in the heart of skid row. Tragedy, drugs, death surround this former SF landmark and art installation. See what spirits still inhabit this famous building as we film paranormal investigators and a medium walkthrough.