• Chink
    Movie + 2 extras


    Movie + 2 extras

    Chink is a thriller about the first Asian American serial killer in the making who transforms from a lonely office worker to a full-fledged psychopath leaving a bloody trail of victims behind. World premiered in 2013 at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Chink won the titular lead Jason...

  • Last Summer of Nathan Lee

    Movie + 4 extras

    18-year-old Nathan Lee finds out he has brain cancer and asks his best friend Dash to document his remaining life which he vows to live with passion. STREAMS EXCLUSIVELY November 22 on AAM.tv

    "LAST SUMMER OF NATHAN LEE catapults viewers into a whirlwind of emotions, brilliantly juxtaposing the ...

  • Aka Deadlee


    "Aka Deadlee" is a musical documentary short film telling the untold story of Joseph Thomas Lee, aka Deeadlee, half LatinXo and half African American, who is one of the first gay rappers and still struggles to be heard. Directed by queer Chinese filmmakers Yuchen Fang and Quentin Lee.

    Winner of ...

  • Karma's Meth Nightmare


    In Hong Kong, a second generation Napalese teenager experiences his first and last meth nightmare. Directed by Donna Ong.

    Reminding me the early brilliance of Wong Kar Wai, Donna Ong’s fresh cinematic debut “Karma’s Meth Nightmare” is an imaginative experimental short dramatic film about a Nepal...

  • Asian PaCIVICS

    1 season

    Asian PaCIVICS is a new television series from The Slants Foundation that features ten artists from the Asian American and Pacific Islander community who have written a song specifically to drive social change. Each has partnered with a grassroots organization in unique ways to support their chos...

  • The Slants Collection

    1 season

    The Slants Collection is the ultimate collection of music videos and films by The Slants, the iconic Asian American dance rock band founded by Simon Tam in 2006.

  • The Crumbles


    Darla and Elisa, two best friends, struggle to catapult their talented but directionless garage band to stardom. Called "elegant and affectionate" by the LA Times, this lighthearted romp across the Eastside of Los Angeles offers a funny and realistic portrait of what it's like to be in a fledglin...

  • AAMV Fest
    5 seasons

    AAMV Fest

    5 seasons

    AAMV Fest is the first Asian American music video series to be released bi-monthly, free to stream for the world on AsianAmericanMovies.com. Each season of AAMV Fest will feature 8 music videos by up-and-coming Asian American artists with an introduction by Simon Tam, founder of The Slants and Th...

  • Comedy Invasion

    1 season

    Each episode of this first TV series of its kind, Comedy Invasion, will feature a half hour set from a breakout Canadian comic who is either from the disabled, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and/or female community.

    The first season of Comedy Invasion mainstages diverse Canadian comedians: Toronto’s Desirée W...