11 Episodes

Asian PaCIVICS is a new television series from The Slants Foundation that features ten artists from the Asian American and Pacific Islander community who have written a song specifically to drive social change. Each has partnered with a grassroots organization in unique ways to support their chosen causes.

  • Asian PaCIVICS (Episode 100: Sumi Krishnan)

    Episode 100

    Simon Tam chats with Sumi Krishnan, rising pop star and host of Asian PaCIVICS, about the Slants Foundation, uniting art and activism, and her own journey pursuing music as an Asian-American.

  • Asian PaCIVICS (Episode 101: Jason Chu and Bobby Deng)

    Episode 101

    Rapper/activist Jason Chu and Bobby Deng of the Asian Mental Health Collective talk about the Third World Liberation Front, songwriting, and mental health within the Asian diaspora.

  • Asian PaCIVICS (Episode 102: Mikara and Saara Ahmed)

    Episode 102

    Electro pop artist Mikara and Saara Ahmed of the Asian Women’s Shelter speak about raising awareness of domestic violence through music.

  • Asian PaCIVICS (Episode 103: Dean Primicias and Manuel Oliver)

    Episode 103

    Manuel Oliver, co-founder of Change the Ref, and Dean Primicias, singer for the indie rock band Be Mine Phantom Valentine, talk about gun control activism.

  • Asian PaCIVICS (Episode 104: Grant Cometa)

    Episode 104

    Grant Cometa of the punk-rock band Cometa shares a deeply personal connection and song while lifting up Sandy Hook Promise’s work to prevent gun violence

  • Asian PaCIVICS (Episode 105: Nimo Patel and Guri Mehta)

    Episode 105

    Hip hop artist Nimo Patel and Guri Mehta of Service Space, an incubator of projects run entirely by volunteers, talk about the Indian-American music scene and the power of individual acts of service.

  • Asian PaCIVICS (Episode 106: Julie Phan)

    Episode 106

    Seattle-based R&B artist Julie Phan reflects on music’s universality, the objectification of Asian women, and her work with Red Canary Song, a non-profit that supports Asian and migrant sex workers.

  • Asian PaCIVICS (Episode 107: Super Smack and May Tiwamangkala)

    Episode 107

    Super Smack of The P.O.P., a pop rap dancer band based in Phoenix, AZ shares his band's mission to register Asian American voters and partnership with May Tiwamangkala of the AZ AANHPI for Equity Coalition.

  • Asian PaCIVICS (Episode 108: Nikbo)

    Episode 108

    “Third Culture Pop” Bay Area artist Nikbo talks about her partnership with Lavender Phoenix, a queer and trans Asian and Pacific Islander organization.

  • Asian PaCIVICS (Episode 109: Othertones)

    Episode 109

    Othertones, a pop rock artist based in Wisconsin and Tennessee, talks about their work with organizations like the ACLU of TN to combat dangerous and discriminatory legislation.

  • Asian PaCIVICS (Episode 110: Soultree)

    Episode 110

    Singer/songwriter/emcee Soultree reflects on advocating with UndocuALOE for undocumented Asians and Pacific Islanders.